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jon d.

“I found out about XP360 from an ad on Facebook. There was a free trial for the whole month of September from Monday through Thursday 4:30pm-5:30pm and thought I’d give it a try! When I attended my first class I recognized Xavier right away because he used to be a personal trainer at 24 hour supersport. Didn’t quite know what to expect but he definitely makes you put the work in! As days & weeks went by, I was making new friends and loving the routines he created for us each day. Not easy but definitely fun! He encourages and pushes everyone to do their best maximum effort! Xavier and Stacey are so very friendly and helpful on giving tips about proper form and exercise to make sure you’re doing it right and take the time to explain and help you on it! I believe this is such a great team and it’s such a fun, energetic environment. Give it a try and join! I know I’m happy with becoming a member here because it feels like family and we’re all here together to get strong and stay healthy and get fit 💪.”

October 2018

eunice c.

"I tried out my first ever boxing class at XP360 and it was a blast! I came in with ZERO boxing experience, but Coach & Studio Owner Xavier was extremely patient, instructive, and encouraging. He was very helpful in offering correction and reminders, and although I was an incredibly slow learner, he and the others at the studio never made me feel intimidated. I was especially impressed by how Coach Xavier was able to cater to learners at EVERY level. The workout was intense, but in a good way!"

July 2018

Allison R.

"I’ve been coming to XP360 for a little over a year now, and I absolutely love it. I was definitely hesitant at first—boxing is for sure an intimidating workout. Xavier, Stacy, and everyone else at XP360 at are incredibly welcoming and encouraging, and they made it easy to get over my hesitations. Classes are smaller, so Xavier and Stacy are able to help anytime you need it. I really feel like I’ve learned some new skills and become a part of a community at XP360. I’m really glad I took the leap and tried it out."

July 2018

namitha n.

"This place has been the most useful find on FB for me! I love this place and highly grateful and thankful to coach Xavier and coach Stacy! I started about a year ago and barely could do jump rope or lift barbells, today I can do 125lb deadlifts! ... about 50+ jump rope nonstop and many other high intensity exercises! I have come a long way in terms of strength... my main motivation behind joining this gym is being able to play with my toddler and carry her around without being burnt out! I’m so glad to have found this and love working out and all credit goes to this coach, Xavier! Thanks so much and loads of love"

June 2018

Classpass User

"Xavier was very welcoming and provided personal attention. Love how small the class is, and the familial community here. Overall great class that left me sore two days after!"

March 2018

classpass user

"Xavier was friendly and kept a good balance of being hands-on to correct my form, and hands-off to empower me to do some of the moves on my own. Class was challenging and I came out sweating -- I mean, glowing."

February 2018

Kristine F.

"Three months in and I'm feeling stronger not only physically, but also mentally. Xavier and Stacy are a great support team that give me the push I need to stay on course w/ my fitness. Prior to joining, I was mostly doing home workouts and lacked the proper form and motivation to give it my all. Still in the process of improving, but I've made great strides in achieving a healthier lifestyle. XP 360 is an extremely positive place and coming here and just being present has been a great addition in my life. I'm looking forward to more exciting and challenging workouts that's kicked me back into gear!"

November 2017

Jason E.

"This is the best gym ever. Since I started in January of 2017 (it is July now) I have lost 20lbs (242lbs to 222lbs), and I am headed for 30. I'm leaner than I've ever been, and every day I can't wait to see what's on the workout menu. Coach Xavier and Coach Stacy are superb leaders with unbelievable fitness, patience and skill. For instance, I took two classes this morning that burned 1,500 calories, and greatly improved my power clean lifting technique. All of the classes are geared toward every level, so no matter what you're looking for you'll find it here. Whether you are looking to simply loose weight, tone-up or make serious gains this gym is the place to build confidence, gain strength and enjoy fellowship of others on the same path. Let me put it this way, I'll do what it takes to not miss a class; it's that good. Come join the #fitfam!"

July 2017

Andrea B.

"After seeing the results from the first challenge I couldn't wait until XP360 held its next challenge. I have done weight loss challenges before, but this one was so easy to follow. Everything was laid out for you and made it easy to follow each week. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the meals were. I was exited to try the new recipes each week and now have new meals to add to my recipe book. The workouts were fun and challenging and Coach Xavier was there throughout the whole process to encourage and push you!  Coach Xavier has set this challenge up to be a lifestyle change that is easy to keep up with. I am excited about my new healthy lifestyle!"

May 2017

andre a.

“Best workout I’ve had in 10 years. Challenging, intense, great atmosphere. If you want to change your life, your physique, and your appreciation for yourself, take this step into XP360. You won’t regret it. Excellent coaching from Xavier Parra!!! Make the 360 life change and see for yourself!”  

March 2016


"Hands down, the best workout in the Bay Area."  

October 2016

alison o. 

“I've been boxing with Xavier for almost a year now (started Jan. 2016)...and I never looked back! His gym and classes are very welcoming for beginners making it a non-intimidating environment (compared to other boxing/kickboxing gyms I have tried). His knowledge, experience, passion, and enthusiasm really shines through each session I attend! Not only Boxing with Xavier has helped me improve physically but it has also improved me mentally especially with learning patience and facing my fears. I can't ever repay what lessons I have learned from Coach Xavier! Highly recommended!!”

December 2016

"Xavier is great. Makes you feel comfortable as a beginner and is very encouraging. Great workout!" 

April 2016


"Xavier manages to strike the balance of making a workout seriously hard but good fun. He is always changing things up and ensures you get a really good all round workout. He is incredibly welcoming to new people as are the people in the classes. Couldn't recommend XP360 highly enough."

August 2016

Jeremy M. 

"Xavier designs a challenging whole body workout each and every time! His passion and positivity continue to push me to new fitness levels! I love his boxing classes, always lots of energy and fun. I've seen my endurance and strength greatly improve. Xavier is a true professional when it comes to pushing you to limits you never thought you could reach all while having fun!" 

November 2016

Sara l.