28-Day new year kickstart challenge

Let's make 2019 YOUR year!

Whether you're feeling a little fluffy from all the holiday festivities or you're finally ready to make some changes in your life for the better, we've got just the thing to help you kick off your year!

No magic pills, starvation diet, or endless hours on a treadmill required. All you need to get the results that you deserve are our efficient (and fun!) workouts and a simple eating plan.


WHat's in it for you!?

  • A four week body transformation program specifically designed to help you shed inches and tone muscles

  • Customized meal plans without restricting calories (this is NOT a diet)

  • Motivation to help you stay on track, remain focused, and constant reminds that YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!!

  • Ongoing assessments that will ensure that you are staying on pace to reach your goals.

So if you...

  • Live or work in or around Sunnyvale, CA

  • Can follow an easy, step-by-step meal plan designed to optimize your metabolism, and balance your hormones

  • Can dedicate 60 minutes 3-5 times a week to exercise

  • Are willing to learn and follow directions (leave your ego in the car!), are willing to give it 110%, and don't mind getting sweaty!

  • Have patience to continue to follow the plan even when you’re not seeing immediate results (this is a marathon, not a sprint!)

  • Are ready to make a real, positive, lasting change in your life

Then we’ve got just the thing for you, our...

28-Day New Year kickstart Challenge!

Starts: Monday, February 4, 2019 (only 15 spots available!)

Mandatory Orientation: Saturday, Feb 2 from 9:30-11am.


This Is An All-Inclusive Program That Provides You Everything You Need:

  • Unlimited Workouts: We offer various workout sessions every day so you can easily fit the workouts into your busy schedule.

  • Complete 4-Week Meal Plan: We're talking meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes. We'll teach you exactly how to eat so you CAN enjoy all of the foods you love this time of year and how to make it long term!

  • Personalized Goal Setting: Not everyone is the same! That's why we'll help you set specific goals based on YOU... and then create a plan to help you get there.

  • Before & After Measurements: So you can see how far you've come in such a short time. We love to use these to celebrate your success with you!

  • Accountability: We'll be there for you every step of the way to make sure you stay on track and have everything you need to be successful.

  • Incredible Community: This is the BEST PART. At XP360 Strength & Conditioning we have some of the NICEST people in Sunnyvale who truly want to have fun and get results!!

  • Daily Motivation: Every day you'll be getting an email from us with motivation and encouragement to help keep you motivated and on the right path.

  • Unparalleled Support: Support is EVERYTHING. We're always accessible if you have questions or need anything, and we're here for you 110%.


See What Some Of Our Awesome Members Have To Say About XP360 Strength & Conditioning and Our Programs

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Show me the TransformatioNs!!

Rina shed 9.5 inches and 7 pounds in 6 weeks! 🙊 Where did it all go!?
After 6 weeks Patricia was feeling stronger and more confident 💪... and doesn't she look great!?
Check out Jessica's transformation in just 28-days!
After joining XP360 for its very first 28-day challenge in 2017, Jason is leaner than he's ever been!
In just 6 weeks, Alison lost 12.2 pounds and dropped 16.25 inches!
We're not sure where it came from, but Sara was able to drop 10 pounds over 6 weeks!

Frequently Asked questions

Where are you located?

XP360 Strength & Conditioning is located in Sunnyvale, right off of CA-237 and Lawrence Expressway. Nestled in the middle of an industrial/business park, we like to think of ourselves as one of Sunnyvale's hidden treasures!

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.39.34 PM.png

What is XP360 strength & conditioning?

XP360 is a community of like-minded individuals who want to experience fun, exciting exercises that challenge them to take their fitness to new levels.

At XP360 we will test your strength, cardiovascular level, balance, and mental toughness. We will also encourage you, motivate you, and inspire you to push past and overcome obstacles. We are here to help you make a change in your health and lifestyle and prove to you that everyone IS an athlete.

How is this different than a local health club?

One of the biggest difference between working out at XP360 versus your local health club is that we're going to tell you EXACTLY what you need to do when you walk through our doors. That feeling of being lost or self-conscious as you wandered the floors of your local health club trying to figure out how a machine worked or what exercise to do are gone. 

And while you may have been able to take GroupX classes at your local health club, we cap our sessions at 15 people which is great news for you! We love the small group feel because we are able to give each person who attends individualized attention and address form, scaling, and other needs.

You'll see a lot of the same faces and get some amazing support from them when you come to work out at XP360. As we like to say, when you join XP360, you're not only getting a gym and an amazing workout, but you're gaining another family!

How long are the sessions?

Each of our classes is just 60 minutes. That's it!! You no longer have to spend hours at the gym just to feel like you've worked something, we've got it covered in our hour-long classes. But since we've only got you for an hour, we expect you to come in and leave it all out on the floor!

What is your schedule?

We offer over 20 group training sessions Monday-Saturday!

Our sessions begin at the following times, please see our Group Training Session Schedule to view each session’s focus.

Mondays-Thursdays: 5:30am, 6:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Fridays: 4:30am, 6:30am, 4:30pm

Saturdays: 8am, 9am 

How can i fit ths program into my schedule?

We're realistic, we understand that on any given day you might have before or after work activities that keep you away from your workout. But that's the beauty of working out at XP360, you're not locked into any set days or class times, you get to make your workout schedule each and every week!

WHat if i'm too busy and don't have time to come?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and in spite your best attempts you're not always going to make it in for a workout. That's okay. Because even if you don't work out but follow the meal plan, you'll still see great results! The workouts just speed up the process! 

During the challenge you'll also have access to our private Facebook group in which we will be providing health and fitness tips and tricks, along with providing some bonus workouts that you can do at home or on your own time.

Ok, youy're making a good point, what do i need to bring?

Get ready to sweat! You'll want to bring water and a towel to every class. If you are taking part in one of our Boxing sessions, we recommend having your own pair of 180" hand wraps to provide extra protection and stabilization to your hands and wrists. You don't need your own gloves, we've got plenty of pairs that you can borrow!

How can i reach you if i have a question?

Want to know more about the program, have specific questions you'd like answered, or want to take a complimentary class before you sign up?? Send us an email at info@xp360strengthconditioning.com (or submit the Contact Us or Free Group Training Session Form on our website) and we'll work with you to get everything sorted out.

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Challenge starts on February 4, 2019